About me

Leila Nicolas PhD, serves as a consultant to many int. NGOs. She has been working with civil societies in MENA region since 2000 to promote Human rights, Rule of Law and empowerment of women and youth. She is a strategic communication expert, where she trains politicians and young leaders how to participate in politics and elections and to master their media appearances.
She is also a political analyst and commentator for a number of media outlets about MENA regional issues (BBC, Al Mayadeen, Skynews, TRT....) and international Affairs. She is a co- founder/ CEO of Lebanese for Democracy and Good governance (NGO), member of the Academic Council of the UN System (ACUNS) and a board member at many MENA Regional NGOs.
At the Academic Level:
She serves as both a scholar and practitioner. she is a Professor of International Affairs at the Lebanese University and Command and staff at Lebanese Army in addition to being a visiting scholar at Oxford, Stanford, Claremont McKenna college, California State University ...

 Her research and teaching interests include the Grand Strategies, Broader Middle East politics; R2P, transitional Justice, and peacebuilding.

She is the author of 6 Arabic published Books in addition to more than 70 ( Arabic and English) refereed journal articles, book chapters, working papers and conference lectures.


She has been granted by The International Center of Human Sciences( CISH) - UNESCO, a grant for achieving a field study research about transitions in Arab world (2014). She has also been granted by US department of State a scholarship for a post doc study "Grand strategy in context" (2016).

Her English and Arabic Papers have appeared in leading journals in the Arab World, including Leb. University Law and Political Sciences Quarterly.
Her latest published books are: "The Arab world in transition: the hard way to justice (2020), "international relations: from power to influence" 2020, "The problem of forecasting in international relations: theories of int. relations" (2019), 
"international relations: from power to influence" 2019, International Criminal tribunals: Achievements and Failures ( 2013), which can also be found in the Peace Palace Library and The ICC Library in the Hague, "International Intervention: a developing norm in International affairs" ( 2011).

Currently writing a book on Environmental diplomacy for Routledge publishers to be published by 2021.