My wishes for 2011

Dear friends,

Another year has just passed away..As we look forward to meet the new year 2011; I wish YOU keep hope, faith; and especially your passion.
Passion - for me -  is not an act. It is a way of believing.
I mean the real passion for who you are, who are you becoming, where are you now, and where are you going the following years, what do you believe in, stand for and would die for!!!!
In the evaluation for the last year, just ask yourself: are you living like more than 85% of the population with the attitude, "Same Stuff, Different Day?"

Let your passion in the coming year shouts to the world:
"I am here to stay, I am here to make a difference, I will leave my mark in this world. It may take me my entire life, but I will not give up until my purpose and destiny are realized."

with all my best wishes,
Leila Nicolas- Rahbani

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